Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Management of People Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Management of People - Assignment Example making; in part due to the fact that he chose to higher Johnny Walsh outside the traditional recruitment and internal selection process that so many individuals within the company had come to expect will define the way in which promotion or internal selection was defined. Interestingly, beyond understanding formal and informal communication based upon the concept of what Desmond came to understand here, a more accurate representation would be to understand informal and formal communication within the company, based upon the way in which stakeholders came to understand the limitations that defined the work process. For instance, employees, cognizant of the fact that Johnny Walsh may indeed be a very close friend of the CEO, abstained from making formal complaints with the understanding that this would reflect negatively upon their own professionalism and might constrict their potential for future advancement within the firm. However, informal communication was rampant; with individuals from different departments actively complaining and discussing the hardships that they face when dealing with Johnny Walsh. This informal communication became so systemic that individuals that were not even directly related to the chain of command under Johnny Walsh wer e well aware of the problems. However, the greater drawback had to do with the fact that this informal communication structure circumvented leadership and did not allow the CEO to make an informed or accurate decision based upon the inputs that might otherwise have been received. As Levenberg & Caspi (2010) indicate, without a thorough and complete application of best practices in both formal and informal communication, the degree and extent to which effect progress and be achieved and work performed is severely constrained. Instead of allowing one form of communication to define the culture of how knowledge and understanding is transmitted, this task should be expanded to allowing a synthesis of both to be utilized

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