Thursday, December 12, 2019

Coachella Festival by Coachella Festival free essay sample

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is like none other. So unique to the point that when someone asks how it was, you stand there shocked and confused as to how to respond. Once a million images and memories race through your mind, the response I usually give is, â€Å"It was amazing, you just have to go experience it yourself.† As this year was my second year attending the festival, I felt even more knowledgeable and prepared to get the most out of my weekend. The second I stepped onto the Polo Fields in Indio, during early April, my past worries seemed insignificant and I was ready to enjoy myself. While I was ready to have fun, I also began to think to myself, why is it that thousands of festival-goers make Coachella an annual routine? Why do people pay hundreds of dollars to go to this event? And why does this event always create so much hype? After attending the festival for the second time, my answers became ever more clear. We will write a custom essay sample on Coachella Festival by Coachella Festival or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This year was a record year for Coachella, with a significant attendee increase and some monumental artists. It was evident to me that Coachella continues to get bigger and better each year. With many of the traditional Coachella staples such as the Ferris wheel, the flying balloons, and the multiple stages came a plethora of new aspects. Some of the â€Å"new’s† included new art displays, new food options, and new artists. Some of the artists were new to Coachella as a whole, and some hadn’t preformed live in 10 years such as Outkast. Food options were in abundance as always, including new restaurants and other interesting eats. The art displays, proving to be spectacular as usual, included huge reflective boxes, a flower shade structure, and an oversized astronaut. Not only did artwork appear on the festival grounds, but also on festival-goers vehicles. You can never miss a car that is going to Coachella when going down the 10 towards Indio. Many cars containi ng festival attendees sport large window paint, usually depicting some image that is Coachella related or with the phrase â€Å"Carpoolchella†. It is definitely safe to say that the visuals and artwork involving Coachella never disappoint. By Sunday I had definitely done a fair share of learning. Not only had I learned about new types of music, but I also learned about myself. I realized that although I typically don’t like large crowds, 90,000 people to be exact, I am much more flexible that I thought so before. Additionally, I learned that what goes around really does come around. As hesitant as you may be to let someone cut in front of you in the crowd, it usually does pay off later. Lastly, I discovered that being prepared in any situation is always key. In 90-degree heat, water is necessary in abundance and utilizing the buddy system is never a bad idea either. Not only was Coachella a weekend getaway, it was a learning experience at the same time. The experience of Coachella Valley Music and Arts festival is one of a kind. It isn’t an event that can be summed up in a sentence and probably not even in a whole essay. The occurrence is one that is different for everyone yet at the same time, there are many commonalities. After attending the festival two times I can confidently make a claim on the questions I originally proposed. It is clear to my why thousands of festival attendees make annual trips to Coachella. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a weekend with great people, great energy, and great artists. Additionally, the complimentary aspects of the festival such as the artwork and the food make everything even more exciting. I believe people pay hundreds, or even a thousand in extreme cases, for this event because it truly is so special. Coachella always attracts a melting pot of people that are all intrigued by music and learning new music. Plus when you add it all up, the face price is fairly reasonable for a 3-day event including over 180 acts. Lastly, the event always creates a lot of hype not only because of the artists and the instagram pictures. Coachella festival creates a lot of hype because of its reputation. The event only grows each year, attracting more people, celebrities, and media every time. Coachella is an oasis of magnificent music and positive vibes occurring yearly, and never disappointing. It is safe to say that the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival will be on my calendar in early April for many years to come.

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